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Story of My Friendship
Sunday, 25 November 2012 | 18:41 | 1 Words
Hi, blogwalkers... today, I'm going to tell you the real story happened in my life, and I really hope that you can leave your advice to me. I also hope that all of you will not be like me. So, now I will leave you with my story.....

Everyone would want a true friend. And of course when we can, we would appreciate her and would like to continue stay by her side as a best friend forever. I am sure that I have found a true friend. She was the first to say how grateful she met with me since the beginning of her life in secondary school. We became good friends. Although I was a pretty hot tempered and impatient, that she still be with me, by my side. I still remember that one day when I suddenly hate her. At that time, I was asked by the teacher a question that I don’t know how to answer it. At that time, we have fought and always stems from my own. However, in my attempt to answer that question, I saw her trying to give me the answer and thanks to her help, I managed to answer the question. I really don’t know about why I’d been like this. When my classmates asked me, my answer is always the same. I will say that I suddenly lost the mood to talk to her. What I'm sure, she had never done something that annoys me. Maybe there is, but none of the memory in my mind about her bad deeds towards me. My memory is just filled with terrible deeds against her. Must all be wondering, why I suddenly aware of the deeds against her. I also not sure either. Just now, I opened the Facebook page and found some status and comments between her and the other two friends. One of them is certainly my best friend too, but the other one was, suddenly makes me jealous. I feel very jealous of their closeness to chat and exchange of comments. She seemed to have taken over my place. I feel that I should do so with them. But, suddenly something appeared in my mind. I am no longer fit to do the same thing with them as I had many times annoys them, ignoring their presence. Since that, I keep thinking why I being such a bad person and quite reasonable answers came into my mind. Maybe I already know that I’m not suit to be by her side. I try to refrain from mingling with her because I do not want to hurt her again. I also thought, maybe my attitude arose because I prefer something active and social. This is very different from herself as she is less active and less socializing like chatting with other classmates. Since I know her, she is the one who would just sit in her place and will chat with people who came to her place. Rarely do I see her get up and to the other place to chat. Of course when you look at this situation, this attitude should be emulated. However, many of my classmates say that she seemed to not like to hang out and sometimes seem a bit arrogant. For me she is a bit slow to catch something that other people told her to do. I always hate that attitude because as I said, I'm an impatient girl. Since I think of this, some tears dripping on my cheeks. If I had changed my attitude before, I’m very sure that I was chatting with her via SMS, Facebook or Skype now. Even if I have been given the opportunity, I wanted to tell her how grateful I am to have a friend who put up with my attitude. When I'm happy, I ignore her indirectly. When I'm sad, she is the first person I'm looking for to share my problem. How cruelly I am. Currently, I am truly sorry. If it is destined she found my blog and read this post, I sincerely hope that she will know that how precious she is to me. And I sincerely hope that I will be able to still stay by her side. Not just as an ordinary friend, but a friend to the very end. Will I be able to change? ~~~ ^_^  

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